Meadow Vase medium white

O produktu

design: Roman Šedina

ručně vytvořená keramická váza s autorskou stříkanou dekorací

uvnitř glazovaná

rozměry: 14,5 x 9,5 cm

každý kus je neopakovatelný originál




About the product
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Roman Sedina comes from artistic background of South Bohemian town Bechyne – town famous as ceramic centre of the postwar period. Range of his portfolio is wide, technologies, colors and textures. With his unconventional approach and compact original collections he moves borders of ready-made products to the world of Fine Arts and concept design. Designing of limited porcelain collections (designed for brand Limited.) is built on quality craftsmanship. Sedina established brand Limited. during his university studies. Shortly after that, his first collection became part of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. The  author has been nominated several times for his innovative approach as Designer of the Year within Czech Grand Design 2013, 2016 and 2017– Annual Awards The Academy of Design of the Czech Republic. Currently, he is working on new project – vases created on potter´s wheel. New project relates to Recycle Project inspired by Rijksmuseum collection in Amsterdam which Sedina presented in 2015. Large scale vases KA refer to today´s forgotten fascination of Ancient Japanese pottery and they show sophisticated work of porcelain layering.

Jméno značky: Roman Šedina
Kategorie: vázy

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